With CARD (Comfort Ask Relax Distract), patients and healthcare professionals work together to make vaccination a more positive experience. 

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Email to Partners

Email to Partners

Do you work with other healthcare professionals and organizations? Just copy and paste the following email to raise awareness about the CARD system!

Subject Line: You have the power to improve an entire generation’s relationship with needles!

Hello there,

I hope you’re well! I’m [Name, Title, Company], and I’m reaching out because we’ve just launched an advocacy campaign designed to manage and prevent needle fears.

Research suggests that up to 10% of people are not being vaccinated against COVID-19 due to needle fears. For kids, poorly managed vaccination pain can contribute to the development of needle fear and vaccine avoidance later in life.

CARD (Comfort Ask Relax Distract) is a simple tool for helping healthcare professionals and immunizers work with their patients to reduce fainting and other stress-related reactions during vaccinations.

You have the power to improve an entire generation’s relationship with needles. Please spread the word and help us raise awareness about evidence and practices adopted by health authorities across Canada to make the vaccination experience a more positive one. 

Visit www.PlayYourCards.ca for more information!

It's that easy!
Thank-you for helping improve an entire generation's relationship with needles.